About Us


Padmabhushan Dr.M.C.Modi Eye Hospital was established in the year 1980 as a camp based hospital. Presently it has transformed into a 50 bedded super speciality eye hospital to render quality services to one and all.


To extend the reach of eye care services to the community in need through charity,ethics and hardwork


To become an ophthalmic hospital of ultimate choice for the community in need by delivering affordable eye care services with excellent quality and empathy.


Dr. M.C.Modi:
  • Dr.M.C. Modi’s  name  is  recorded  in the  Guinnes Book  of  world  records  for  having  conducted  the highest  No. of  Eye  Operations.  

  • Dr.M.C.Modi  had  conducted  more than  7,00,000(7 Lakhs)  of Eye  Operations  and  has examined  more than, 1,00,00,000( one Crores) of  eye  Patients.

  • He  has  been  rendering  intensive  Free Eye  Relief  Service  Since  1943. Free Boarding  and  Lodging , apart  from Free  Medical  and Surgical  Treatment, is  provided  to all  patients  and their  attendants  during  their  stay  in the  camps .  He  is pioneer in holding  Free  Eye  Operations camps  and piloting  Travelling  Free  Eye  Hospital  in India.

  • Instead  of  patients  going  to Doctors  and  Hospital  to get  relief,  he  and  his  Hospital  go to the Patients  to give  relief  through  the Touring Eye Hospital. His  Hospital  is on the move  all the  year round.

  • He  has  built  by  his  diligence  a Eye  Hospital  at  Bangalore and  has  established  Free Eye  Hospital  for  the poor in the world  and  he has made them  a public  Trust.

  • He  was  called  by the  people  of India “Netra –Dani”(Sight –giver)“Our Borther, who  gives  Eye  Sight”.

  • His  Motto  is “Do Good – Then  silently  disappear from  the world”.
Dr.Amarnath Modi:
  • Dr.Amarnath M. Modi  passed  M.S(Oph) From Bomby University .

  • Son  of  Netradani  Dr. M.C.Modi.

  • Has  conducted  many  free  eye  operation  camps  independently  aud  has  performed  nearly  1,00,000 eye  operations, cataracts, glaucoma  decryocystorhiuostomies, squint  correction,  ptosis  correction  and  other  plastic  procedures  of the eye lids,  conjuntival   surgery  etc.

  • Padmabhushan Dr.M.C.Modi  Eye  Hospital was started  in 1980 as a camp base hospital. Now  the  hospital  has  been  converted  to a 50 bedded  Super Speciality Eye Hospital  to render  highest  quality  eye  care to all.


  • He  has  received  the  National  Award “PADMASHRI” in 1956 and “PADMA BHUSHAN” in 1968.

  • Govt.of Karnataka  Rajyothsava Award.

  • Smt. Indira  Gandhi National  Unity Award.

  • He has  received  the  Humanitarian Award from  the  Rosicrucian order U.S.A

  • Ambassador  of  goodwill  Award  from  the  Lions  international  U.S.A

  • Humanitarian  Award from  the Rotary  Club  of New  York  U.S.A

  • He is  the recipient  of  many  service  Award from  Lions  and Rotary  Clubs, J C I and  many  service  organization.

  • He has  received  Humanitarian  Award from  Lions Clubs  International.

  • He  has  travelled  extensively  abroad  many  times  and  demonstrated  eye  operation  in U.S.A  and  the Soviet  union. The  U.S.A  has  described  him as “ Great  Architect  in Eye Surgery ”, “ He is one of  the Eminent Eye  Surgeons in the  World”, “ Pioneer  of  Mass  Eye  Surgery ”. The  Soviet  Union has  remarked  of him  as “ Wizard  of  Surgical  Knife”, King  of  Eye  Operation ”.

  • Dr. G. Sjcault  of  United  Nations  has  proclaimed  that “Dr.Modi  has won  the  leadership  of eye  Surgery  in the  World”, Miss  Helen  Keller, a great  Social  Worker of U.S.R. has  spoken  of him  as “ Light  Piercing  the Darkness  is  Selfless  Service”.

  • Honorary  Eye  Surgeon  to  President  of India.